Our Club Members SAVE MONEY and Have a Peace of Mind

Service Contract / Maintenance Contract

Our Priority PREMIUM Plan includes:
$149 per year in Friendly Credits with combined coverage and an annual Heating and Cooling Tune-Up for maximum efficiency. No diagnostic fee for Service CallsPLUS repair or replacement of the parts listed at bottom of page, at NO COST TO YOU


  • Test carbon monoxide levels.
  • Clean and adjust burners and inspect heat exchanger.
  • Check thermostat operation.
  • Lubricate all motors, bearings, fans and circulator pumps where possible.
  • Clean pilot assembly.
  • Install standard one-inch filters.
  • Test and adjust operation of safety and operating controls.
  • Inspect flue pipe and gas valve.
  • Check blower motor (and belt if applicable).
  • Test and tighten all wiring and connections.
  • Turn exposed dampers to heating position if marked
  • Inform customer of equipment condition & recommend necessary repairs.

Hot Water Boiler:

  • Test carbon monoxide levels.
  • Check thermostat operation.
  • Check electrical connections.
  • Lubricate pump bearings and motors.
  • Clean combustion chamber.
  • Check pilot assembly.
  • Check zone valves.
  • Check all safeties.
  • Check flue pipe and draft.
  • Check expansion tank.
  • Check aquastat/relay.
  • Check water regulator.

The following parts will be replaced at no charge with combined coverage:

Gas Heating System Controls
Combination Fan/Limit Control; Electronic Ignition Control; Fan Control; Fuses; High or Low Limit Control; Ignition Leads, Aqua stat; Thermostat

Furnace Systems/Air Handler
Blower Bearings, Blower Belts; Blower Circuit Board, Blower Motor; Blower; Motor Capacitor, Blower Pulley; Blower Shaft, Blower Wheel; Draft Inducer; Motor & Assembly; Condensate Pump; Fan Relay

Circulator Pump; Zone Valves; Expansion Tank; Low Water Cutoff

Burner Parts
Burner Orifice; Burner Tubes; Flame Sensor; Igniter; Gas Stop Valve; Gas Valve; Low Voltage Transformer; Pilot Assembly; Pilot Burner; Pilot Orifice; Pilot Valve; Pressure Regulator; Pressure Switch, Thermocouple; Accumulator, Metering Device; Condenser Fan Blades; Potential Relay. Condenser Fan Motor; Rain Shield; Condensate Pump, Refrigerant. Contactor; Reversing Valve; Crankcase Heater, Run Capacitor; Defrost Board; Thermostat; Defrost Sensor; Starting Capacitor; Fan Belt; Starting Relay; Fan Relay; Time Delay Board; High Pressure Control; Low pressure Control; TXV Valve; Transformer

Friendly credits can be used toward the purchase of the following equipment.
EZ-Flex Air Cleaner; LBP or SBP Humidifiers; Heat Recovery Units; Complete A/C Systems; Gas Furnaces; Replacement Condensing Units; Carrier Thermostats; Zoning Systems; Carrier Infinity Control; Carbon Monoxide Detector; Standby Electric Emergency Generators