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There are quite literally hundreds of Heating and Cooling Services across the state of New Jersey. That being said Atlantic Heating and Cooling is the optimum choice for all of your comfort needs. Choosing a contractor to take care of your home is always a big decision on the consumers part. This is because ideally you want to do business with someone who is going to treat your home no different than your own. At Atlantic Heating and Cooling our team is hard at work to make sure you have the absolute best experience with us possible in New Jersey. The question “What makes a great experience?” is never fully answered in this line of work. However, we believe it has to do with Integrity.

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Integrity is the foundation of any trustworthy business. Integrity is calling us to set up an appointment for an estimate and we get to your home on time and ready to go. Additionally, this principle is found in our affordable rates across all matters of service. Whether you are in need of a heating system repair, replacement, or installation you can expect to be given fair price quotes regardless of the size of the job. Furthermore, our team is flourishing with the experience and knowledge necessary to handle your job in as cohesive a manner as possible. This means for both residential and commercial owners, we are aware that our service is going to have some sort of interruption to your life. For home owners we strive to get the job done on an A+ level however, we take into account your comfort and make great effort to expedite the process so we can leave you comfortably. For commercial property owners we are well aware of the setbacks you may face when having work done on your site. We are proud to say that your business will suffer a molecular sized interruption from our work.

The truth is we are passionate about this work in the state of New Jersey. During the colder time periods of the year we take great pride in keeping our fellow community members warm. Likewise, during the summer we find happiness helping you save money on your energy bills with our cooling services. There are countless reasons to utilize our service today, but you only need one!

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Do you have a Boiler Heating System in your basement in desperate need of repairs? There is no greater source of assistance for boiler owners in New Jersey than Atlantic Heating and Cooling. Boiler’s are extremely reliable systems that do their job well if they are properly maintained. A proper maintenance schedule for a boiler would have an annual repair and cleaning take place. By allowing these annual cleanings you prevent clogs, leaks, cracks, and other pestilent sources of stress that will only complicate your life. When these various symptoms of neglect go untreated they can lead to repairs which would be more expensive than purchasing a new boiler. This is why if your heating system isn’t providing you with the maximum level of comfort its highly recommended you get repairs done as soon as possible. Furthermore, a boiler that isnt properly maintained will cost you huge amounts of unnecessary expenses over time. A perfect example of which would be on your energy consumption rates. If you have to crank the temperature up over and over to achieve the base level of comfort you are used to your boiler is being worked too hard to for results that are too small. This will cause you long term stress that is 100% preventable by having a boiler cleaning or repair done when it is appropriate.

Atlantic Heating and Cooling is also ready to help you install, replace, and remove any boiler systems which you may need help with. Installation is a delicate process that takes everything from ventilation structure and placement into account. It’s worth using an expert boiler service in New Jersey such as our own. When working along side us you can expect us to treat your boiler system with gentle hands allowing you the greatest possible amount of comfort.

Furnace Repair, Installation & Replacement In, NJ

Over time even the most powerful heating systems will begin to erode, decay, crack, leak, clog, and withstand physical damage. This cannot be helped. However, with good maintenance it can be prevented easily. Furnace systems are no different. These systems are some of the most common in the state of New Jersey. They work by utilizing a fan to pull in cool air. The cool air is made warm by the system and is subsequently redistributed through out the home in the duct/ventilation system.  Furnace repairs are some of our most commonly accepted jobs and are normally completed within a short time frame.

If you are a homeowner who is interested in installing or replacing an existing furnace heating system we highly recommend our own services. This is because furnace systems can be tricky to use at maximum potencial. When considering the use of these systems its important to choose a service provider who is not only experienced in this particular area but is equipped with the tools to get the job done properly. During your furnace installation you can expect us to ask you plenty of questions so that we may install your system in the best location possible. In New Jersey you wont find a better heating service. We are enthusiastic about getting your furnace up and running at optimum speed and effectiveness. If you have any questions regarding a furnace system feel free to call us today so that we may offer our assistance.

Baseboard Heating Repair, Installation & Replacement In, NJ

At Atlantic Heating and Cooling we absolutely love Baseboard heating systems. These heating systems are incredibly small and make little to no noise. However, what may be even more noteworthy is that they are known for saving you huge amounts of money on your energy bill. The installation process for these wonderful systems are characterized by being simple, and fast. In most cases these baseboard heating systems are placed directly below windows so that they may neutralize and eventually overpower the cold air emanating from the windows. Each of these systems are personally regulated by thermostats separately allowing a great deal of variability on the consumers end. The primary process used by baseboard heaters is that of convection. As cool air is made warm it naturally becomes lighter and less dense which allows it to rise throughout the home.

By sending warm air from the ground up to the ceiling you are effectively removing cold air from the equation which is how these systems actually work. The reason these systems are more quiet than furnace’s and other heating systems is because they are electric powered. Baseboard heaters are simple to install because they have no requirement of duct work.

One of the greatest reasons to use baseboard heating systems are because the maintenance is so elementary. There are no fans or moving devices inside of a baseboard heater which means there is much less of an opportunity for something to go wrong. Additionally, this means that even the bare bones maintenance can be accomplished quickly, and properly less often. This results in you, the consumer saving hard earned money. If you are interested in a baseboard heating repair, installation, or replacement in the state of New Jersey call us today so that we may be assist you as soon as possible.

Hot Water Heater Repair, Installation & Replacement In, NJ

Hot water heating systems typicaly operate similarly to baseboard heaters. However, the electricity used by baseboard heaters is replaced with hot water that is pushed through the boiler into the separate baseboards. These heating systems are considered more advanced forms of normal baseboard heaters they have multiple advantages and few disadvantages.

Hot water heating systems are generally more affordable other systems if you already have a boiler system in place to keep the water constantly flowing. However, in the event you do not already have a boiler system these hot water based heaters may not provide maximum comfort as quickly as you like.  These systems have only become more popular over time because they produce such dramatic results in saving you on energy rates. It isn’t uncommon for a hot water heating system to produce a more consistent stream of warm air than other systems which is another reason it is adored. From the view point of the homeowner hot water systems are often chosen simply because they have such simplistic installations and maintenance aspects. Clean air is also a fantastic result of these systems that have no toxic or dirty emissions.

When it’s all done and settled these systems are disadvantaged by one major aspect. Though they are more consistent in the ability to heat a room steadily they often have long start up times and will not heat the room as fast as other systems.  If your interested in a Hot Water Heating System in the state of New Jersey feel free to call Atlantic Heating and Cooling today so that we may answer and questions you have.

Heat Pumps In, NJ

Heat Pumps are a spectacular method to keeping your home cozy of the winter season. At Atlantic Heating and Cooling in the state of New Jersey we always try our best to inform our community members of the various benefits and problems associated with heat pumps. These heating systems are normally considered very reliable. However, they are sometimes found to be slightly disadvantaged in climates where the temperature goes below freezing. Heat pumps actually work by extracting the hot air out of the outdoor environment and pushing indoors. This means that the colder it is outside the more effort the machine needs to put in to establish the same consistent level of comfort. This is why heat pumps are highly recommended in regions with averagely leveled temperatures.

The warm air pushed by heat pumps will never be as strong as the air made by gas systems. These systems are usually not recommended to homeowners who previously utilized furnaces, boilers, or baseboard heating systems because they may experience a lack of speed they aren’t used to in achieving comfort. These systems are loved because they distribute heat accordingly and equally throughout the entire home. However, because the heat is distributed equally the whole home is heated up slowly at once.

These systems are great for small homes that exist in more moderate climates. If you are curious about heat pumps or need repairs done to keep your system running smoothly please call us today so that we may assist you.