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Air Conditioning Services In Morris, Essex & Passaic County, New Jersey

ac repairAtlantic HVAC is a locally owned and operated air conditioning repair, air conditioning replacement and air conditioning installation business. With over 10 years experience, we operate all throughout Northern New Jersey. The counties we tend to focus on as well as have the most pre-existing clients include Passaic County, Bergen County, Essex County, Morris County and Hudson County. So we pretty much like to handle our affairs all over Northern New Jersey.

You’ll be happy to know that our AC mechanics are fully licensed, insured, and bonded to take on any job. We carry years of experience working with residential and commercial clients. This includes anything from routine services, to preventative maintenance, and to emergency work. Atlantic HVAC likes to think of themselves as a unique company because we educate our mechanics on the air conditioning equipment produced by the top manufacturers. Some of the most common cooling systems we service include Rheem, Carrier, Trane, Mitsubishi Electric, Luxaire, Lennox, Bryant and much more.

  • Rooftop Units
  • Central Air/Cooling Systems
  • Packaged Air Units
  • Ductless Split Systems
  • Ductless Mini-Split Systems
  • Our specialties include

  • Air Conditioning/AC Repairs
  • Air Conditioning/AC Installations
  • Air Conditioning/AC Replacements
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Thermostat Control
  • Component Replacements
  • Troubleshooting
  • Indoor Air Quality Cleaning
  • Custom Ductwork
  • Duct Cleaning
  • Air Handlers
  • Compressors
  • Evaporator Coils
  • Thermostats

As a premier cooling company in New Jersey, we try to give our customers every option available. Therefore we offer 6 month 0% financing for larger projects and those that qualify. Our staff are also Skymark Certified Technicians by Johnson Controls. Feel free to browse around and see what we have to offer. Chances are, whatever you may need fixed, replaced, or installed, we can help! We look forward to hearing from you.

Central Air Conditioning Repairs, Installations & Replacements In Passaic, Morris & Essex County, NJ

A normal central cooling system is basically compromised of two unique parts; An indoor unit which could be an air handler and the outdoor unit or central air conditioner. The outdoor unit works by ending cool air indoors to be circulated throughout your home or business. When both components are properly matched by our mechanics, your residence will achieve the maximum efficiency and a truly extended life. The main components include a condensing unit, an indoor air handler or gas furnace with a coil and ductwork that needs to be lined throughout your space in the rooms you’d like to be cooled during the warmer months.

Aside from getting into specifics regarding warranties, you should expect any brand new system to last anywhere from 10 to 15 years with proper maintenance. When we do replacements, repairs or maintenance, we inspect nearly all the major components of a central AC system. These include:

Ductless or Split System Air Conditioning Repairs, Installations & Replacements In Passaic, Morris & Essex County, NJ

During the summertime or for those that reside in warmer climates, everyones like to come home or work in a nice, cooled area. There’s nothing worse than having to sit through a hot or humid space. Our split system AC units work much like central cooling except there’s far less hassle in terms of installation needed. For starters, we have no need to use any kind of ductwork. The split system is simply compromised of two units; an indoor and an outdoor. We attached the outdoor system via electrical wiring and tubing to the indoor unit which makes for a powerful, efficient cooling system for one particular room.

The drawback here is that as opposed to central air, you can really only get have the temperature decrease in one room since there is no duct work to route the air. However, an added benefit is that we can easily attach other split system units to different rooms and wire them to the same outdoor unit. This is beneficial for a hassle-free experience on your end and it’s all easy on your wallet. There are many benefits toward having a split system air conditioning system installed at your home or business, these include:

  1. Very quiet air blowing
  2. All the noise comes from outside (the condenser & fan)
  3. You can have a multi-split system units installed throughout your home or office

Although this should only be installed by professionals and the cost is much higher than a traditional window unit, the pros far outweigh the cons. You will save far more money on your energy bills in the long term and enjoy a much cooler atmosphere than you would with a window unit.

Packaged System Air Conditioning Repairs, Installations & Replacements In Passaic, Morris & Essex County, NJ

The main benefit of a “packaged” system is that they are an all in one solution to provide both cooling and heating equipment together. These units commonly reside on the ground or a rooftop outside your home or business. Benefits include:

  • Space efficiency
  • Excellent performance
  • High cooling performance
  • High heating performance
  • Simple Maintenance

With a packaged ac unit, the evaporator, condenser and compressor are all located within one simple cabinet. This makes for a more affordable installation as compared with other AC system types. They typically come pre-loaded with refrigerant. For those with space restrictions or older homes, this is the perfect solution. The key component here is all about accessibility, that’s why you’ll find these units in hotels or smaller establishments that simply don’t have the space available to accommodate indoor and outdoor equipment needed for proper air conditioning. The only major drawback is that when compared to a system such as central air, you’re looking at decreased energy performance. Most other AC systems separate the evaporator and condenser coil so maintenance can be tedious. A packaged unit is great for small, out of sight areas and can be connected to ductwork to provide cooling for an entire residence.

Ductless or Mini-Split System Air Conditioning Repairs, Installations & Replacements In Passaic, Morris & Essex County, NJ

Just like standard Ductless or Split-Systems, you’re looking at a very efficient cooling system for your home or business. We place the noisy outdoor compressor with fan and motors outside while the indoor units are kept indoors within a peaceful environment. These are highly efficient systems because there are no ducts to speak of, you’re looking at energy efficiencies of up to 33 SEER. Most models we install are Energy Star Qualified, so this means you should see a nice decrease on your energy bill.

Our Mini-Split technicians will install copper tubing through a very small 3 to 4 inch opening within a wall or ceiling which bridges the indoor and outdoor units. We can setup as many as 2 to 8 indoor units simply connected to the one outdoor unit which can make the climate for your space as comfortable as possible. Why pay some of your extra hard earned money to cool rooms that no one is occupying, having a mini-split ductless system means individual cool zoning per room.

Preventative Maintenance In Passaic, Morris & Essex County, NJ

Keeping the grime, dirt and dust out of your air conditioning system is critical toward maximum efficiency. Some of the most common reasons that we need to respond to a service call are due to a component failures which lead to a machine breakdown. There is also much concern for the air quality that you breathe. Professional cooling systems have filters that collect all kinds of pollen, mold, dirt and dust. These need to be replaced regularly in order to keep your AC system running optimally. Some of the most common filters we provide or change out include:

  • Fiberglass filters
  • Electrostatic filters
  • Allergy filters
  • Electronic air cleaners
  • HEPA furnace filters

We have many preventive air conditioning service packages available to commercial, industrial and residential clients. Don’t hesitate to give us a call and inquire.
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